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I am a self taught abstract artist - painter and sculptor inspired by Irish prehistory, our ancient art and landscape. The West coast of Ireland is rugged and wild and I try to use this wildness in my work.  It was my interest in Irish Archaeology and discovering Rock Art with its hidden symbolism that was the initial source of inspiration to abstraction.  


What does Prehistoric Art look like? this is my interpretation of it. This Art is an echo from our prehistoric past, their echo. I think it should be remembered.  They walked with Nature and it is us who have lost this connection to the earth and their symbolism heavy with meanings.


The bog pine I take from the bogs myself, an ancient timber of c.5,000 years when farming had only arrived in Ireland so the perfect material to use (it has been dated by Queens University of Belfast)


Our archaeological past holds a wealth of inspiration and l will continue to explore this source in current and future projects.


My name is Seanna, I live in a small coastal village in County Antrim on the East Coast of Ireland.


Abstract Artworks inspired by Irish Prehistory 

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