Architectural High backed Stool

Architectural High backed Stool




An Architectural High-backed Stool

  • The perfect piece to add a bit of drama to a room
  • This is formed from solid pine in four parts, the main back, the seating, the front leg and a central brace, so three legs of sorts. The whole stool has been finished in a dark oak stain and danish oil.
  • All pieces are glued, screwed and the visible securing screws are covered with pine dowel plugs.
  • Dimensions are  Height Back: 112cms/ Height Seat: 47cms x Width Back: 38cms/ Width Seat: 22.5cms x Depth: 35cms (Both back and seat are 4cms thick)
  • ...and remember as with all my pieces, a knock or mark just adds to its new history - with you.


The holes seen were due to loose or encased knots where the tree had grown around a dead branch still surrounded by its bark. I simply knocked out the knot creating a more dramatic piece. Some consider knots a blemish but I look forward to finding them as I clean the wood (planing and sanding). To add to the drama I cut through the central brace with a celtic knot and etched into the seat and part of the back with designs inspired from the Neolithic, specifically the stone age monument at Newgrange, County Meath. I think it adds to the overall timeworn presence.


It is a solid piece and although impressive is not too large to fit into a corner or that space where you are just not sure what to add.


(Postage costs to areas outside the UK and Northern Ireland will be dependant on where you live - just contact me for further information. Within these areas delivery costs are shown at checkout)


If you are interested in ordering one either;

  1. Contact me directly, all details are on the contact page or
  2. Complete the website form, again on the contact page.


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