Solid Beech Platter

Solid Beech Platter



A Primitive Fruit Platter or Decorative Shallow Bowl

  • A handmade platter created from a solid piece of beech
  • This is formed from a single piece of beech. I etched and burnt Neolithic inspired designed into the lip and parts of the bowl and I used a food safe mineral oil which gives a matt finish
  • Dimensions are  Height: 4cms x Width: 29.5cms x Length: 48.5cms (The thickness varies but 4cms is the deepest)
  • ...and remember as with all my pieces, a knock or mark just adds to its new history - with you.


This platter was inspired by the unusual shape of a piece of beech. I used mainly chisels to carve out the shallow bowl and these hand markings can be seen on the images.  A mix of power tools and elbow greece then to sand and smooth. The designs were inspired by carvings found on pottery from the Neolithic, I though this was pretty apt as pottery in Ireland emerged during the Neolithic and although it is a clay bowl it is still a vessel of sorts. 


A primitive natural looking piece, which would suit any sideboard, table or kitchen counter.


(Postage costs to areas outside the UK and Northern Ireland will be dependant on where you live - just contact me for further information. Within these areas delivery costs are shown at checkout)


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