Mixed Wood Stool

Mixed Wood Stool




A Small Fireside Stool

  • The perfect piece to place by the fire or wood burner or as a simple sidetable
  • It is made of a mix of hardwoods - oak, ash and beech. The seat is oak, the legs ash and the strut is beech The whole stool has been finished in danish oil.
  • All pieces are glued, screwed and the visible securing screws are covered with pine dowel plugs.
  • ...and remember as with all my pieces, a knock or mark just adds to its new history - with you.


This piece has been handcrafted as a three-legged small fireside stool but could be used as a small sidetable to set your tea, coffee or glass of wine, your choice.


The edges of the strut have been etched with rock art inspired designs from outcrops discovered at Reyfad in County Fermanagh. The largest limestone outcrop was almost completely covered in these cup and ring carvings. Rock art is a term used by archaeologists to describe prehistoric images found on natural rock surfaces, such as cave walls or large boulders.


It is a small piece so could fit into a corner or that space where you are just not sure what to add.


(Postage costs to areas outside the UK and Northern Ireland will be dependant on where you live - just contact me for further information. Within these areas delivery costs are shown at checkout)


If you have any questions either;

  1. Contact me directly, all details are on the contact page or
  2. Complete the website form, again on the contact page.


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